Ashtamudi Lake (Kollam, Kerala)

Ashtamudi, where Ashta means: Eight and Mudi means: Coned, denotes the name of this serine lake of Kerala, because of the eight channels it possesses. It consists of a unique wetland ecosystem and a huge octopus-shaped water body, which stands second in size, all over Kerala. The length of the Ashtamudi lake, situated in Kollam of Kerala, is 16 km which further mingles into the sea through the Neendakara estuary.

Famous for its boat rides and houseboat cruises, this lake of Kollam attracts many visitors, even in the busy week days. The lake also flaunts a wondrous set of eight tiny islands, called the Munroe Island that certainly adds to the scenic view along with the diverse flora and fauna inhabiting in the lake.

The Ashtamudi lake is situated barely a kilometer away from the Kollam Railway station and is also easily accessible from the other means of transportation. Don’t forget to board a boat cruise, which will take you from Kollam to Alappuzha, giving you an outline of all the towns and villages along this route. This tranquil journey of 8 hours will surely serve as a stress-reliever when you will catch the admirable glimpses of the surroundings, drowned in the golden shade of the Sun!!!

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