One of the 14 districts of Kerala, this district was formerly known as Cannanore. It constitutes the largest city of the North Malabar region and is known as the land of looms and lore. The land does not only hold cultural importance in the form of ritualistic folk arts held in the premises of the temples but also has great military importance. It also stands as the largest naval academy in Asia and second largest in the world. Kannur is world renowned for its tranquil beaches, handloom industries and the native performing art – Theyyam.

Major tourist sites of this place consists of the St. Angelo Fort and the serene beaches like the Payyambalam Beach, Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach, Baby Beach, Meenkunnu Beach. Parassinikkadavu snake park, Aralam wildlife sanctuary and the Choottad beach Park forms the set of adventurous and amusing places here. The very famous – Arakkal Museum, attracts a massive lot of people who are interested in the history and stands as a wonderful tourist destination too. The divinity that lies in the temple here is worth a mention and the famous temples of the region counts as Kadalai Shri Krishnaswami Temple, Shri Rajarajeshwaram, Parassinikadavu Sree Muthappan Temple and Annapurneshwari Temple and Madayikavu. Moreover, Kannur has got its name from the translated phrase of – “Land of Krishna” which means “Kannande uuru” in the local language and so the deity holds great religious value here.

Kannur is a land of divinity and tranquility embellished with the depth of nature and culture, making it a favorite destination for many tourists!

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