This divine land of Kasaragod, which celebrates different religion under one sky, is a district of Kerala and has great tourism importance. The world recognises it for its coir and handloom industries and its aesthetic value of serene rivers, hillocks, sandy beaches, shrines and forts. Nature is very close to this district which lies in the northern tip of Kerala. Apart from the natural aspect, people also adore it for its historical greatness which is largely present here in the form of the various archaeological forts, especially the largest and most well-kept – Bekal Fort.

The heritage and culture is also a stream where this Keralan District digs its flag as the various rich art forms like poorakkali, Kolkali, Duff Mutt, Oppana etc. prevail here. The land serves as a mother to 7 distinct languages and for that reason, it is also widely known as “Sapthabhasha Sangamabhoomi”.

Visitors will find large no. of attractions here once visited but to list few of the major ones- Bekal Fort, Ananthapura Lake temple, Adhur (a natural spot with availability of massive flora and fauna), Ranipuram Wildlife Sanctuary and hill station, Malom Wildlife Sanctuary form the best classics of this district. If you are a nature lover, then this place is a must visit for you to capture some of the most beautiful memories amidst the freshness and tranquility of natural attractions present here!

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