Kerala is widely known as one of the best tourist destination in India and hence it attracts a lot of crowd from all over the country. A basic fact which proves the above stated line is that the State of Kerala builds most of its economic stability through the tourism industry. Yes! That’s the enormity of the figure that goes up when people land here to be in the lap of nature.

The pretty and developed districts with huge no. of pilgrims, hill stations, adventure spots, lush green lands and dense forests that showcase its flora and fauna perfectly are the various soothing factors for the major foot-fall here.

This State truly believes in sustainable ways of keeping care of Nature and has successfully installed this in their tourism rules and regulations as well. The mesmerising and serene beaches of Kerala speaks for itself both nationally and internationally amongst which lies the famous- Alappuzha, Kappad, Marari and such other beaches.

Kerala is known to be a very lively place which holds events, games and festivals all-round the year. Onam and Thrissur Pooram are two of the several major festivals that light up the souls not just physically but eternally as well. The land holds unity of various religions under one sky and thus this states the fact that Kerala is a must- visit tourist destination not just for its divinity in the tourist- attracting places but also in its decent culture which one must have an experience of!

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