On the southwest coast of India, lies this renowned destination of Kohikode district which is situated in the state of Kerala. Though it was also known as an inevitable center of trade and commerce, today’s era knows it for its natural and aesthetic beauty in the form of hills, rivers, pristine beaches, and fresh green vegetation accompanied by the rare and precious cultural values with an affable atmosphere.

Having said that in brief, let’s just touch the presence of those places of this district which make it what it is! This strict was formerly known as Calicut and it celebrates the distinct religions as both the temples and mosques of this district are world-famous. The sculptures and architecture used in these holy places are intriguing as it arouses the interest, especially for the arts students. To name some of the many famous temples the list calls out – Tali Temple, Thiruvannur Temple, Varakkal Temple, Sree Muthappan Payamkuty Mala in Memunda and the list goes on.

This land has an historical beach which was the first place that Vascodagama visited and that is known as the ‘Kappad beach’. The Indian Business Museum, Kozhikode beach, Thushagiri falls are some of the various other places worth a visit along with the most beautiful dam of Kerala known as- ‘Kuttiyadi Dam’.

One has to really visit the place to experience the actual positive and aesthetic vibe of this place!

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