Marottichal Waterfalls


  • Marottichal Village has two beautiful waterfalls, Olakkayam and Ilanjippara, lying inside dense forest. A nice destination for a short trek and bath in clear, chilling waters.


  • Two amazing waterfalls inside forest (Olakkayam and Ilanjippara).
  • Dense forest and mountain view with abundance of flora and fauna.
  • Rivulets with chilling crystal clear waters.
  • Calm and clean environment.
  • Village based atmosphere.

Activities to Do

  • Olakkayam and Ilanjippara waterfall site visit and bath.
  • Trekking through dense forest.


  • Marottichal Village is 22 kilometers away from Thrissur. The first waterfall, Olakkayam, is about 1 kilometer far from Marottichal. The second waterfall, Ilanjippara, is approximately 4 kilometers away from Olakkayam.


  • Public transport and taxi service available to Marottichal from Thrissur. From there, travellers need to trek up 4 kilometers through dense forest to visit both waterfalls.

Food and Accommodation

  • Best place to stay near Marottichal is Thrissur.
  • Travellers need to carry food and water along with them as no good hotels or shops are available nearby.

Permissions and Tickets

  • None.


  • Best season is between September and February, between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. Avoid summer season (March to May) as the waterfalls may be dry without water. Avoid monsoon (June-July) due to heavy rain and slippery rocks.


  • Be careful while bathing and swimming in waterfalls.
  • Please carry medical kit, food and water.
  • Be careful while walking through slippery rocks.
  • No authorized parking facility available.
  • Be aware of wild elephants and leeches.
  • Please go with a group.

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