Pathanamthitta is a town situated in the central Travancore region in Kerala. Discovered on 1st November, 1982, it was extracted from three other popular districts of Kerala- Idukki, Alappuzha and Kollam. It lies nearby the Western Ghats and is enriched with ravishing places like dense green forests, rivers and lavish country side. The people celebrate various festivals on one land and live in harmony. The world recognizes this district for its attractive fairs and festivals. The deep religious aspect of this district can be judged by the title it owns which is – ‘Headquarters of the Pilgrimage Tourism’.

Pathanamthitta is home to various temples, churches and mosques built in close range. The centrally located mosques which celebrates various festivals like Chandanakudam, attracts tourists from all four corners of the world. The hills bordering the town provide soothing experience and breath to the viewers. The district not only takes us close to nature through its absolutely stunning scenic beauty but also puts light on the rich culture of the place. Padayani is a major folk art celebrated here and is a fantastic excerpt of the district’s culture and festival.

The town flaunts some of the biggest churches in South Asia like St. George Orthodox Church located at Chandanapally. Aranmula is one of the major historical tourist attraction here which is famous for its metal mirrors and snake boat race. The places which make the heart of nature lovers throb are- Perunthenaruvi water falls, Kakki reservoir dam sites at Moozhyar and Maniyar, and Charalkunnu hill station. Book your tickets today to adore this wondrous creation of the Almighty! Check out various tour options in Pathanamthitta below.

1.  Ecotourism Destinations in Pathanamthitta

2.  Spiritual Tourism Destinations in Pathanamthitta

3.  Heritage Tourism Destinations in Pathanamthitta

4.  Wildlife Tourism Destinations in Pathanamthitta

5.  Adventure Tourism Destinations in Pathanamthitta

6.  Aquatourism Destinations in Pathanamthitta

7.  Wellness Tourism Destinations in Pathanamthitta

8.  Museums in Pathanamthitta

9.  Other Entertainment in Pathanamthitta

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