Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) the largest district of Kerala, is located at the Southern tip of the state. It is endowed with three major rivers, several fresh water lakes and more than 300 ponds. The lavish flora and fauna turns every eye towards itself here. Nedumangad thaluk is one of the biggest centers of cultivation in this district. The forests here comprise of various animals and birds, further serving as a habitat for these creatures as well.

Tourism has contributed heavily to the economy of Thiruvananthapuram. The entire destination package, such as that of hill stations, back waters, beaches, lagoons and wildlife sanctuaries is present in the district. Foreign tourist fly to Thiruvanthapuram, a major spot for medical tourism, as Recuperation facilities are available at five starred beach resorts and hill stations nearby.

Agasthyakoodam, one of the highest peaks in Western Ghats is only accessible by trekking and thus counts as a very adventurous place of Kerala. Nature is closely associated to this place and there are two magnificent waterfalls on the upper area of the reservoir present here, which are mesmerizing and leaves people awe-struck by its beauty!

Sree Narayana Guru attracts devotees during the Sivaratri festival because of its divine and ethical practices. Sarkaradevi Temple, known for its Sarkara Bharani festival, is a significant place. The Papanasam beach, Thiruvananthapuram zoo, Sree Chitra Art Gallery with its rich collection of exquisite paintings, Arippa and many more places steer the tourists from round the world towards this district’s direction!!  Check out various tour options in Trivandrum below.

1.  Ecotourism Destinations in Trivandrum

2.  Spiritual Tourism Destinations in Trivandrum

3.  Heritage Tourism Destinations in Trivandrum

4.  Wildlife Tourism Destinations in Trivandrum

5.  Adventure Tourism Destinations in Trivandrum

6.  Aquatourism Destinations in Trivandrum

7.  Wellness Tourism Destinations in Trivandrum

8.  Museums in Trivandrum

9.  Other Entertainment in Trivandrum

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