Now this is where most of the revenue comes from for the whole of Kerala and is therefore known as the revenue district of the State. This is one of the 14 versatile districts of Kerala and is situated in the centre of the State. Culture resides in every tits and bits here which is probably why the district is also known as the cultural capital of Kerala.

Churches, mosques and temples- all exist in the ancient forms here and the district is thus famous for many such holy places. A major festival, known as Thrissur Pooram, is the most eye-attracting and lively festival of Kerala which is celebrated here.

The district flaunts its world-renowned elephant park which is known as the Punnathur Kotta Elephant Sanctuary. It is the world’s largest elephant park with a massive amount of 60 elephants enhancing its beauty! Chavakad and Snehatheeram beaches are serene and tranquil whereas the Peechi, Poomala, Chimmony and Vazhani Dams are the must-visit picnic spots in the form of natural-gifts. Athirapilly Water Falls is a high waterfall and popular picnic spot which attracts many tourists and localists, also because it has two amusement parks, known as the DreamWorld and SilverStorm, located nearby. One must see this mesmerizing place with their own eyes to feel the greatness of this masterpiece created by God!

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