Wayanad district is situated in the North- eastern part of Kerala, India and was created as the 12th district of Kerala by extracting areas from Kozhikode and Kannur districts. This district is widely known for the ancient Thirunelly temple which is believed to be more than 1000 years old. The land offers various intriguing tourist destinations including the ones that are going to pace up the heart beats of an adventure-lover.

Chembra peak stands as the tallest peak in the region and the proof of this height is that it consumes one-day time for a person to climb up the peak and revert again. There are camps available at the top which are worth an experience when gone with a big troop. For all those who are trekking lovers, Wayanad district doesn’t disappoint them and has an exclusive place fir it called the Neelimala. When one reaches at the top here, he is sure to experience a mesmerizing site-view of Meenmutty falls and other attractions supporting it. Chethalayam falls is the other waterfall that is found in this region, though smaller in size than Menmutty falls, and is a home for many birds which serves wonders for the spectators who visit.

Pakshipathalam is another destination worth stopping at, in this region, as it supports diverse flora and fauna. As it is said that nice things don’t come easy, even here a visitor has to first take the consent of the DFO- North Wayanad in order to enter this region. Banasura Sagar Dam flaunts a set of islands making it another interesting view for the tourists here!

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